Often Encountered Rule Violations and Fines 

BAG (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr, Federal Office for Goods Transport) / BALM is authorized a traffic stop rights and to carry out a truck inspection. It involves stopping and checking German and foreign vehicles used for transportation of good and even regulating a traffic arrest. Often, during maintaining Road Control, BAG/BALM cooperates with the police, customs and business authorities.
Depending on the severity of violations discovered during the inspection, BAG/BALM inspectors take appropriate measures:

  • issuing a warning to the driver;
  • requesting financial collateral;
  • prohibiting further movement;
  • Fining the driver and requesting bail for future offenses.

Based on our experience of helping drivers, we’ll share with you would BAG/BALM inspectors fine drivers for most typically. Consider, how the police traffic stop works and list the real fine numbers that you can get if the Road Control finds serious violations.

Incorrect load securing/overloading

As far as police stop and search, BAG/BALM strictly adheres to the provisions of the European directives concerning stop and search and police legitimacy. Our advice? Always follow the DVI 2700 directive, and only then will you be safe on German roads.
In case of violations, BAG/BALM may apply the following sanctions:

  1. penalty for overload: up to 2,500 euros;
  2. a fine for incorrect fastening: from 60 to 480 euros + a requirement to provide additional fastening of the load with belts.

Violations related to documentation and improper packaging

And if after BAG/BALM police stop search and detects rule violations when it inspects the driver’s documents, documents for the cargo, or the vehicle when carrying out truck inspections, a fine of 300 to 1,000 euros may be levied. For the absence of the required documents, there is a fine of 50 euros, but not more than 1,000 euros. In the case of missing documents for the carriage of ADR goods, the amount of the fine is doubled.
In the case of improper packaging of goods, the fine may range from 800 to 3,000 euros, depending on the nature of the cargo. For these reasons, you may be stopped by the police. That is regarded as a legitimate activity.

Violations related to the vehicle and the method of transportation

If BAG/BALM detects a technical problem with a tractor truck or trailer, a fine of 200 to 3,000 euros may be levied. If violations related to the mode of transport are detected during the freight inspection, a fine of 1,000 to 6,000 euros may be imposed.
A fine of 800 to 10,000 euros may be imposed for loading, transporting and dispatching dangerous goods that are prohibited for transport.
Sanctions for exceeding the permissible level of noise and emissions

One of the priorities of BAG/BALM is protection of the environment, especially control of exhaust emissions from vehicles in trucks. If you are stopped by police and any violations are found, you will be obliged to pay a penalty. Manipulation of exhaust emissions can be punished with a fine of up to 20,000 euros.
Sanctions for violation of working hours (work and rest for drivers)

Fines start at 60 euros and increase depending on the severity of the violation. If the driver is involved in the transport of ADR goods, the fine rates are tripled for violations of working hours. If the traffic control finds a malfunction in the maintenance of the tachograph, the amount of the fine can range from 100 to 21,000 euros.


First, when leaving for the road, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is in order, as well as the documents for the truck and for the car.
Secondly, life is unpredictable, and if it so happens that a police vehicle stop has occurred for an inspection and found problems, immediately contact our experts for help. The amount of the fine for a violation can vary greatly.
In most cases, we help our clients develop the right kind of communication with BAG/BALM and resolve the issues on the spot, so they can get away with a warning or a small fine (for example, instead of paying 3,000 euros, they only have to pay 200 euros). The difference is significant, wouldn’t you say? We hope that from this article you learned more about the traffic stop rules on the road.
We are available around the clock and ready to help you. Call us at 49 977 5376 9999!


BAG contol and police stops

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Determination of the circumstances

Determination of the circumstances

Defects correction according to the protocol

Defects correction according to the protocol

Quick search for solutions

Quick search for solutions

We will help to avoid or minimize a fine

We will help to avoid or minimize a fine

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We will reload or fix the cargo

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Operator is available 24 hours a day

Police or BAG control over the truck transports in Germany
If you get into a BAG or a police control and can not find a commonly agreed understanding, do not hesitate to call us. We will gladly take over the communication with the police or BALM inspectors, so that it does not lead to an escalation and you possibly have to pay even more fine than necessary.

Only 10% of truck owners do NOT get a fine during the control of the BAG on the roads in Germany because they know where to get help.

Foreign trucks
80000 Foreign trucks

are checked by BAG in Germany per year

of trucks have problems with wheels / tyres
60% of trucks have problems with wheels / tyres

Tires do not comply with the law

of trucks are forcibly evacuated
25% of trucks are forcibly evacuated

Prohibition on driving, control calls a tow truck

of trucks get no fine
10% of trucks get no fine

Can organize on-site repair, assure control

You should contact us in the following cases:


An inspector checks the following during inspection

Cargo and driver

Cargo and driver

  • Tachograph
  • Transport and cargo-accompanying documents
  • Driving license
  • Labor permit (EU)
  • Sobriety test
  • Compliance with the clauses of the Agreement on safe containers
Technical condition of the pull tractor and trailer

Technical condition of the pull tractor and trailer

  • The condition of the wheels and brake system of the pull tractor and trailer
  • Pneumatic system
  • Dimensions, axle load and total weight of vehicle and trailer
  • Matching of fastenings and weight of the cargo
The way to choose a truck for control

The way to choose a truck for control

  • Random sampling in large parking lots and recreational
  • In appropriate commercial premises, which are organized by BAG for documents check
  • BAG may ask the driver to stop a truck using special signals for inspection
You should take the following action if you are stopped for an inspection

You should take the following action if you are stopped for an inspection

The best decision is to call us.

If you are trying to decide what to do on your own, then you need to establish all the important facts, such as:

  • Does the car have technical problems?
  • Is it possible to repair it on site?
  • Is there a prohibition on driving?
  • Are there any other claims (apart from the technical condition)?
  • What solutions will be acceptable? What is the timeframe?
  • What documents can confirm that the malfunctions/defects have been corrected and how can they be sent to the inspectors?


In Germany there are 3 different institutions that can control the trucks.

The first and most important is the BAG (Federal Office for Goods Transport). The BAG checks the following:

  • proper payment of the HGV toll
  • Checking that the truck drivers are fit to drive
  • Checking the freight documents and - whether the vehicle and trailer are roadworthy.

Motorway police: A specially equipped police force that ensures safety on motorway roads and partly on federal roads. Checks are carried out:

  • Speed
  • load securing
  • load weight

State police: The state police are not mainly responsible for highways or trucks. However, if it is noticed that the lorry is driving in a serpentine manner or that it is obviously overloaded, the police will intervene and check the lorry.

The officers pay attention to the following:

  • Personal details of the lorry/truck driver and his ability to drive (alcohol and/or drug test).
  • Proper payment of the lorry/truck tolls
  • driving and rest periods are observed
  • freight documents are checked for completeness
  • Code 95
  • Load securing and load weight
  • Roadworthiness of the truck: Tyre tread depth, tyre abrasions or too deep holes. Brake light function etc.

If you get into a police or BAG control and do not understand the language (Google Translate does not help) and/or get certain conditions such as immediate renewal of the tyre, otherwise you will not be allowed to continue your journey, then call us immediately. We will help you to communicate with the police / BAG and organise that the defects are removed and that you can continue your journey.

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