MT onroad offers a comprehensive roadside assistance service for international trucks on German roads, as well as consulting assistance in resolving issues with road service representatives.

24 hour roadside assistance for trucks from MTonroad

We cooperate with individuals, entrepreneurs and companies delivering goods in Germany. We perform repairs on trucks on the road or in truck services that belong to our partners, which are located in different cities of the country: Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg. Frankfurt am Main and others. Our mobile service reps travel to the locations of breakdown of trucks and, depending on the type of malfunction, help the vehicle drivers quickly get back on the road and continue driving. We perform roadside service truck on the road and in the field: after diagnosing a malfunction and discussing it with the driver, we offer optimal solutions, taking into account the capabilities of the customer. We also perform towing and roadside assistance, bringing spare tires, necessary tools and equipment for a quick replacement of a damaged wheel to the place of the breakdown if necessary.

Benefits of MTonroad

Any truck driver can face breakdowns or problems with traffic regulation on German roads. We can help in solving the following problems:

  • we accept 24/7 calls and arrive to the place of breakdown on the highway in various cities in Germany;
  • we perform roadside truck assistance at night, on access roads, roads of national importance, with heavy traffic and in hard-to-reach places;
  • we provide truck breakdown services including diagnostics, tire mounting and repairs at the place of the breakdown, and if this is not possible, arrange for the removal of the vehicle to our partners’ workshop.

If repairs in the workshop are required, we select the 24 hour truck shop near me from the place of forced stop, which offer the necessary services and is ready to quickly provide technical assistance to the truck.
In the event of wheel damage, breakdown or other incident on the road, you must relay the following information to receive 24 hour tow truck service:

  1. Make and model of the vehicle and the year of manufacture;
  2. the stopping point with specific landmarks (or send the GPS coordinates);
  3. describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

Based on this information, our mechanics select the necessary tools and equipment for truck breakdown services, spare parts and consumables. In case of a serious breakdown, exit from the road or departure into a ditch, we will organize a trip to the place of a tow truck with a crane.
To connect roadside truck assistance on German roads, please contact us by phone or leave a request in the feedback form, so that our specialists will call you back to clarify the details.

24 hour roadside assistance for trucks and trailers in Germany

My Truck onroad - the best roadside assistant for international carriers in Germany
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Fast technical support for cargo trucks in Germany for 24 hours a day

The best breakdown service for international carriers in Germany

We sincerely try to find an opportunity to provide a Client with help (both company or just an individual), who has asked for assistance. We are always available to answer calls and messages.

We are always honest about possible solutions, costs, traps and pitfalls as well as risks, even if they are unpleasant, expensive or require instant decisions. But, we are sure that all our value is to be honest with you, be helpful to you and offer the best breakdown service.

The best breakdown service for international carriers in Germany


Please, contact us if you have the following problems:

  • Wheels and tire fitting of truck
    Wheels and tire fitting of truck

    The wheel burst, BAG has a claim to the condition of the wheels.
    There is a need for a tire, the driver can change it by himself.
    There is a spare tire, but the driver needs the help of a mechanic on site.

  • Truck towing
    Truck towing

    A truck or trailer is stuck in the mud/snow, an accident has occurred.
    The truck flew into a roadside ditch or broke down on the highway, as a result, there is a need for a crane and a tow truck.

  • Mobile Service
    Mobile Service

    There is a need for diagnostics, clutch and hub replacement.
    Running out of fuel, AdBlue or you just need spare parts for a self-repair.

  • Truck repair shop
    Truck repair shop

    There is no opportunity to repair the breakdown on-site, you need to get to the truck repair shop immediately. You have a limited budget and are looking for a truck service with affordable prices.


  • Assistance during a BAG or police control
    Assistance during a BAG or police control

    Your truck came under police control / BAG
    You don't know the language, you can't explain and understand claims.

  • Assistance in case of an accident
    Assistance in case of an accident

    In the event of an accident, you will need help communicating with the parties involved in the accident, the police and the ambulance.
    You will need to arrange delivery of the cargo if the trailer is not damaged, or reload the cargo

Why do people choose us?

Wherever you are, the nearest partner is no more than 50 km away. Due to our direct contracts, you receive the best prices for dealing with German services.

The direct contracts
The direct contracts

With big and middle-sized market participants

More then 2000
More then 2000

Partners in Germany

All solutions are in one place
All solutions are in one place

All the services from one source that is our concept

The fastest providing of services
The fastest providing of services

We respond immediately
We provide you with the price within 10 minutes

How we provide your orders

Contact Us

Viber, Telegram, callback, chat on the website, contact form, e-mail, phone.

Let us know about your problem

Inform the operator about the following data: exact geolocation; truck/trailer; problem (description, photo).


We will provide you with the price immediately. If it is okay for you, we will proceed.


You confirm the order, use the convenient method to pay. The technicians leaves immediately for the place to help you.

Problem solution

It doesn’t matter what kind of service you need, we inform you about the current status of order every 30-60 minutes.

You are back onroad!

We always have control over quality! When the services are done, we ask you to leave honest feedback about working together.

Feedback from our customers



There is no general ban on night driving for trucks. There are no uniform laws for night driving bans for trucks in Germany, and there is also no general ban on all roads. Instead, the respective federal states regulate when, on which roads and for which vehicles a local driving ban applies.

The cost of towing a commercial vehicle or trailer ranges from 240,00 - 500,00 € per hour. From 18:00 at 25% and from 20:00 at 50%, and on Sundays and holidays at 100% more per hour.. This can not be determined precisely, as the price varies from region to region and the size of the vehicle plays a decisive role.

This is only possible in very few cases if the tire shows only minor damage and still meets the legal criteria.
Even after the tire has been provisionally patched, you have to drive to the nearest workshop or tire service to patch it or, as in most cases, buy a new tire.

No longer than six to eight years. It is irrelevant whether the tires were only stored for 3 years.

The price for wheels and tire fitting of truck (new tire + mounting) ranges from 500.00 Euros

Do you have problems with a truck on route in Germany? Find out the possible solutions and the price
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