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Truck towing

A truck may be towed as long as the trailer can be uncoupled and there is no danger on the road. Basically, the police should be informed if a whole train is to be towed. 

The vehicle must be functionally suitable to be towed by a qualified breakdown service and their suitable response vehicle.

Roughly it is from 300.00 € - 500.00 € per hour. This cannot be determined precisely, as the price varies from region to region and the size of the vehicle plays a decisive role.

From the moment of departure from his station to the place of the breakdown (not  from the moment of arrival to the place of the breakdown).

Maximum two to three hours the truck is allowed to be on the highway. Then, in any case, the police will come and tow it away. This means that the towing service will be ordered by the central police station and the price of the towing service may be increased.

Truck tyre service

No longer than six - eight years. It is not matter if the tires were only stored for 3 years.

There are sanctions and fines for incorrect fitting of tires on the truck. It guilt fine catalog for tires:

Breaking of a rule Fine Item
Driving without the usage of winter tires 60 € 1
Driving without the usage of winter tires or with damages 80 € 1
Driving without the usage of winter tires with a risk 100 € 1
Driving without the usage of winter tires having caused an accident 120 € 1
The wheels of the pull truck/trailer have an insufficient profile 60 € 1
The wheels of the pull truck/trailer with an insufficient number of grooves or tread cuts, or insufficient tread or cut depth 75 € 1

Only in the fewest cases it is possible, if the tire has only minor damage and still meets the legal criteria.
Even then, after the tire has been patched, it will need to drive directly to the nearest workshop or tire service to patch it or, as in most cases, buy a new tire.

Yes it is. It is necessary to ensure certain rule and criteria.
If the tire to be changed is on the right side in the direction of traffic, a flat tire service will come out and change the tire.
If the tire to be changed is on the left side in the direction of driving, the police must be called and the place of the breakdown must be cordoned off in order to ensure the safety of the tire service. In most cases, the tire service calls the police itself.

  • The minimum legal depth of profile must not be less than 1.6 mm.
  • The truck tires must be used appropriately for the respective axles, so different axles can have different tires that must be taken into account.
  • The tire must not be too old, porous or cracked. Check that the tire has the correct air pressure to ensure even tire usage.
  • Winter tires must also be used on the drive axle during the winter tire season. Otherwise, make sure that the same tires are mounted on all axles. This is also required by law

Truck Service

Yes, there are enough of them. In most cases, the independent workshops are much cheaper and have shorter waiting times.

Yes, repairs are allowed to be made on the truck. However, not all is allowed or repairable. Wheel hub, clutch, cooling hose, tires, repair of brake systems, replacement of air tanks, wheel bearings air bellows, replacement of stabilizers are possible.

According to the law, it is clear. If your vehicle does not meet the legal requirements after the repair that you only want, and therefore endangers safety on German roads, the workshop may not allow the vehicle to be driven until the defects that endanger all are eliminated.

BAG and police contol

  • Be kind, cooperative and friendly to the officers. If the control shows some deficiencies that endanger the safety on German roads, do not discuss with the officials at all.
  • Have all deficiencies written down and confirmed by the police and remove them immediately.
  • If you do enter into a discussion with the officials, the police are authorized to have the vehicle subjected to an immediate TÜV. As a rule, many more defects come to light and it will be much more expensive for you.

Accident management

Here is the need for urgency. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible, then your reliable breakdown service MT onroad and the breakdown service will immediately notify the police for you.
Everything else around the damage to regulate will take over the breakdown service MT onroad for you. Learn more on the page Accident management.

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