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Truck Service in Saarbrücken

24 hour roadside assistance for trucks in Saarbrücken

Transporters know that when traveling on German autobahns, a truck must not only comply with local requirements and regulations, but also be in perfect working order to make it all the way without breakdowns. But if a breakdown does occur, it needs to be urgently fixed, because according to the rules on autobahns in Germany, there is no stopping. In addition, it is important to comply with the terms of delivery of goods to the customer. You’ll need professional heavy vehicle roadside assistance.

Anything can happen on the road, from breakdowns and accidents to problems with the police. In order to avoid huge fines, forced towing of the vehicle or problems with the recipient of the cargo, it is important to know how to quickly resolve a difficult situation. We provide emergency truck roadside service and help drivers solve problems on German roads by offering a full range of roadside assistance services for large and small companies as well as private entrepreneurs. Our services are as follows:

  • truck tyre replacement - we change the damaged wheel, replace the tires to fit BAG requirements right on the spot;
  • tow truck assistance - we help leave the place of breakdown or accident, pull the truck out of the snow/mud with the help of a crane and a tow truck;
  • mobile repair and maintenance - we carry out diagnostics, change the clutch, hubs and other parts, top up fuel and AdBlue, bring spare parts necessary for self-repair;
  • maintenance at the service station - we organize an appointment at the nearest truck repair shop at an affordable price;
  • assistance with road control BAG and problems with the police - we explain claims from the weight control service and the police, help eliminate problems;
  • accident management - we communicate with participants in the accident, ambulance, police.

We guarantee the quality of technical work and provide consulting or accompanying services to solve problem situations. 


24 hour roadside assistance for trucks in Saarbrücken

Emergency towing service in Saarbrücken: how does it work?

In the event of a tractor breakdown, you can’t do without a heavy vehicle recovery, which will tow the vehicle to the nearest service center. The services of a tow truck may also be required in situations where the truck is stuck in snow, mud, has run off the road or has landed in a ditch.  In situations like that, not only tow truck help, but also a crane is sent.


Truck tire service in Saarbrücken

Our lorry mechanics help you choose the right size spare tire, quickly deliver it to the location with all the necessary tools, or look for a tow truck near me. Our specialist oversees the entire process of truck tyre fitting, spare parts supply and other services in Saarbrücken, ensuring quality and timely execution.


Truck servicing

We work strictly according to the regulations: 

  • collecting the most complete information about the problem;
  • drawing up a price list for future work;
  • coordinating services with carriers and partner truck repair shops;

We guarantee quality and timely execution of work.

Partner truck repair shops offer a full range of technical services, including diagnostics, replacement of parts, components and consumables, as well as truck repair of all components and systems. 


Just a small part of the locations where we can provide truck roadside assistance:

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